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Park Map
Vancouver Mall RV Park Map - Click to Open in .PDF Format

Pricing Legend

Our RV sites above come in five different types, economy, regular, large, dog park, and premium sites. The sites are either marked with a special shape or letter, or simply numbered for the regular sites.

Site Label Map Icon Daily Rate * Weekly Rate * Monthly Rate
Economy Sites $45.00 USD / Day $295.00 USD / Week $500.00 USD / Month
Regular Sites $45.00 USD / Day $295.00 USD / Week $525.00 USD / Month
Large Sites $60.00 USD / Day $295.00 USD / Week $590.00 USD / Month
Dog Park Sites $60.00 USD / Day $295.00 USD / Week $600.00 USD / Month
Premium Sites ** $60.00 USD / Day $340.00 USD / Week $805.00 USD / Month

* Daily and Weekly Rates subject to 2.0% WA State Lodging Tax and to 8.4% WA State Sales Tax.

** Premium Site monthly rates subject to change during peak months.

The rates above do not include electrical charges, seasonal pricing or special discounts.

These rates are for stays for two adults at our park for the time period listed, and additional occupants or pets may come with additional charges.

For more detailed information on specific charges, fees, and discount information, check out our rates page or contact us with any questions you may have.

Posted RV Park Rules

The posted park regulations are posted on our 'about us' page.

If you wish to download a .pdf of our park flyer, please click here.

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Site information last edited on 08/30/2022